Your choice will change the world.

Make easier to move out & share some love with others.

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Whatever you are relocating, cleaning the house or need a new product; we make it simple anywhere and at any time.


It will be fantastic just to grab a couple of suitcases when moving out and not worrying about anything else. We give you the tools.


Offer your used items, get the new ones you choose and get doubled whatever discount is already applied to the items, for real!

Free items

Search for great conditions free items given away by "real givers" who are not just tossing things but sharing some love with others.

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The Essence of The Idea

We help people change their minds about used consumer goods and shopping experiences all while creating thousands of jobs and supporting the world’s economy!

The power of giving and receiving

Imagine the future where intelengently spins the world's economy! The future where all used goods are given directly to needy people for free and Givers are restored for them toward new similar purchases [patent pending]. Such future doesn't exist without Givingaway and You can become a part of it. Mistakenly, we believe that future is gadgets and spacecrafts. If so, that apple and google would be our future. Or our past?

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We Are Global

GIVINGAWAY is a new way to exchange used items and purchase new ones. It does not have barriers or frontiers; the world is our platform and “true givers” are our community. We are constantly replacing or upgrading our items. What’s a valuable thing today by tomorrow becomes an out fashioned. Why to toss it when you can give to someone who can actually use it? And best part is that we will restore you for that! Why to suffer when relocating to another country by carrying your old belongings with you? It´d not be greater just grab your suitcases instead?

This is the concept behind – a website where together we spin economy; saving on new items by giving used ones away and sharing some love with others. It is a helpful and trustworthy community. And the best of all is you are always get paid more than just selling your items.

How It Works

Some Features & Benefits

The meaning of life is to find your


The purpose of life is to

give it away!