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Work for Givingaway Worldwide



Want to make a difference in your city? Help us get started where you live, and watch as we rapidly expand our online marketplace. We’re in need of a number of volunteering positions helping build our online presence (excellent marketing experience for your resume!). Trade To Rebate started out as a big idea that’s becoming even bigger every day we’re in business. Find out how you can get involved, and you’ll surely add some bullet points to your resume while you gain experience and help us enhance our exciting online marketplace.



All you need is the truck, and you can help expand the free trade network where you live. You will get alerts in your phone, answering (bidding) with a competitive price. Once the delivery is paid to the escrow account, you go to the place to complete the delivery. When done, request the taker to release money from escrow account to your account on Givingaway.org. You can do as many orders daily as you want. It’s like a real job. We keep only 25% + a standard PayPal fee, all the rest is yours.

Work for Trade To Rebate Inc.

Sales Representatives


Trade To Rebate is growing fast, and we need sales-driven, passionate people to join our team. You are a networking guru with connections to larger companies and a sizeable social media following. Ideally, you have experience achieving results in a position selling furniture, electronics, or appliances. Or, you have experience with e-coupons and discount sites such as LivingSocial or Groupon. If you know how to move inventory, we want to interview you.

Chief Marketing Director

New York City, NY, US

Know how to pull together a multi-channel marketing campaign? Send your resume to Trade To Rebate, and utilize your skill set to sell a truly innovative and unique concept. Our online marketplace is an energetic cycle of free stuff giveaways, great rebates, and a growing inventory of products and deals on our website. If you can help increase our web traffic and get people excited about what it is we do, we want to hear from you. Knowledge of SEO, social media marketing, link building campaigns, and a solid background in sales and marketing is a must. It’s a big plus if you are an outside-the-box thinker who can bring some great ideas to help us grow our business.